Be productive
Be prepared
Be compliant
Be profitable

Classify. Comply. Comprehend

Cut piles of paperwork

Be productive with automation of your backend office operations and reduce the risk of human errors.

Sit back and relax thanks to the automated classification that identifies, classifies and catalogs all your documents into the respective folders for easy retrieval, in an organized manner such that they can easily be compared and contrasted

Automatically organize the information in your documents by relevant terms and topics. Use the topics to provide richer search and navigation and shrink processing times from days to minutes and significantly reduce NIGO submissions.

Simplify compliance

Always be prepared for an audit and be compliant with various financial rules & regulations like SEC, FINRA

With auto-extraction of risk and obligations along with automatic risk assessments of all your documents, you have ongoing monitoring of changing financial regulations.

Mitigate risk by proactively flagging - missing information, missing signatures, numbers that do not correlate, figures that do not match.

Access all your documents with seamless integration with existing enterprise applications like Salesforce, Docusign, Dropbox, Box etc.

Uncover, Comprehend Relationships

Be profitable with improved decision making, with valuable insights

Make better decision with a single source of truth across the enterprise regarding all your documents as the inter- relationships, linkages between the documents are modelled for you, providing you with a 360-degree visibility.

Unearth complex document relationships from the treasure trove of documents residing in your enterprise CRM systems and Document Management Systems (ECM) — names, addresses, financial information, the renewal dates and auto-tag with the right companies, the right data, the right deadlines.


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About Us

Our team of NLP engineers, computational linguist, and the data scientist, have a burning desire to transform the way enterprises interact with all their information stored in documents, on their website, on social media and within their Enterprise CRM systems, using the latest advancements in AI - NLP, Deep Learning, Ontology and Knowledge Graph.